I like connecting with people.

People to people, people to places, people to new experiences, people to music and people to style. 

My name is Adriana. Friends call me "Ana" like (aww-nuh). I recently married the love of my life, Blake, on 7.22.2017 ! 

Thank you for stopping by! There are like 1 million other style bloggers you could be looking at, so I'm honored you stumbled upon my atlas!

I was born and raised in Brownsville, Texas. Yes, the valley aka border of Mexico. I was heavily influenced by the Latin culture and their sense of style. I later moved to Austin in 2008 where I found my style flourished and I was free to try new things. I grew up drooling over Vogue/Teen Vogue and cutting photos out of every magazine - you know, pre-Pinterest days. I collaged magazine photos all the time. I loved design and photography. But, I also love working with people, specifically children. This led me to a therapist job right after I finished school. I always kept up with the fashion world and events but felt something was missing. I was an ABA Therapist for kids with autism for almost 3 years and decided to start a style blog on the side because I needed a creative outlet. I love staying relevant and keeping up with all the new local coffee shops, boutiques, events and restaurants. I met my husband (still weird saying that!!) in the summer of 2015 and we got married exactly 2 years later. We are exact opposites, but like they say, "opposites attract". He is the most selfless and patient man and he makes me laugh on the reg. I believe in Jesus and His unending love for us all. 
I LOVE Blake, coffee, smoothies, hip-hop dance, festivals, denim, talking for hours, and anything with avocado or crab. I believe everyone has a story to tell.

If you feel like your brand/business aligns with my style and aesthetic - let's work together! Feel free to shoot me an email or DM me on Instagram! I worked at Madewell on the side for a couple of months because I wanted to see what the retail-corporate world was all about. I somehow ended up engaged to the love of my life and am now working for his mom's jewelry business - Valerie Allen Jewelry. I am the Brand Manager/Jewelry Designer. It's so fun working with families and getting to know all the local shops and buyers we sell to. All of our jewelry is handmade by us and with natural gemstones! It's amazing to finally be in the creative world after being in the corporate world. I love being able to use my hands and create something out of nothing. 

So here is me and my vulnerable self out there for the internet world to see -  the heartfelt, messy (hair in particular), lovely, broken, whimsical, dreamy, crazy, good/bad parts of my so-called fashion sense and style.

I am all over the map - physically and mentally. Therefore, so is my look. It changes constantly. I like to think that as I grow as a person, so does my style. I dream a lot. I dream of places I'll go, people I want to meet, people I've never met and the outfits I would love to wear.

Whether I get the chance or not, there is always a sense of wonder that keeps me wondering if I will… 

I am a painter.

Not like the really-cool-street-art-artist with a paintbrush painter, but the kind of person that always wants to paint a picture in your mind, paint a story for you to hear and see.  

This is me..in my mind..when I think of my style.

I paint a picture in my mind of my feelings, mood that day, collaborating closets of inspiration and somehow a piece of clothing becomes that and it tells a story for me.

I hope my look can somehow paint a picture of who I am and inspire others to find the beauty within. 

I hope to collaborate, connect, and give you all a sense of hope and inspiration, both in and out of the fashion world. I love people. I especially love people who have a sense of style that describes them SO well it makes me want to tell their story. 

Here is my story.

Creative outlet. Ever-changing style.

My look. 

Live life on purpose. Xx