Art by Adrian Padarath

Adrian Padarath

I met this wonderfully loving and creative individual when he first moved to Austin, Tx (since then relocated to New York). We bonded quickly and went on a spontaneous trip to Mt. Bonnell with 2 other strangers that quickly all became lifelong friends. We explored and then took a speaker to the Long Center to play frisbee and soon after danced our hearts out in the field. We talked life, love, God, meaning, future, creation, and our story. This dude knows how to encourage and welcomes the creative in all of us. He is not only great company but a talented freakin guy. Loved all his work the moment I saw it. Check out some of his art and mini interview below :)

stay gold. 


What inspires you? 

- I once read an article that said each individual's art is a reflection of that person's life experience. I think for most people, they get inspired by an event or an emotion they're currently feeling, and it comes out in their creation. For me, it's not that clear cut a process. It can be sometimes, but for the most part I'll create something weird or interesting, and I have to think to myself, what does this piece say about me? Because if I'm honest, my pieces are done by trial and error. I'll take random stock photos or photos I've taken, warp them beyond recognition, or piece together a collage of different images that wouldn't normally fit together in real life. But if I hold the premise that this art is a reflection of myself, than whether I know it or not, each piece must say something about me. And part of the journey in my craft is figuring out what exactly is being said. I'm still discovering what that is, but so far I've figured out that my imagination is vast, unconventional, and I'm perfectly ok with that.

What do you want people to take from discovering your work? 

- I want their curiosity that leads them to communication with me. The ideal situation would be for someone to stumble on to my website, be curious or utterly confused by the visuals they see, reach out to me, and start a conversation. I mean, if my art is a reflection of who I am, and someone connects to the art in whatever way, I think we've just established some common ground, whether we know it or not. And if that common ground converts into a conversation, real life encounter, and friendship, I think it it's all worth it. That would truly bring joy to my life.

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stay inspired

Heyyyyy guys.

So I have been thinking about this for a while and would like to start writing posts through the tab "STAY GOLD" as a part of me sharing thoughts and info on companies, non-profits, music, musicians, artists, small businesses, etc that I love/support and want other people to KNOW and HEAR and READ about! This is my launching point..

I love finding out about people that truly give back and support the creative world in their own special way. I want other people to know and be connected to those people so that we can all share in each other's amazing gifts and talents through artistic outlets - for example… my favorite way of stumbling upon these amazing humans is via Instagram or anywhere on the good old www ! 

I believe we could all use a little bit of inspiration and BELIEVE that what we do, buy, sell, talk about, love on, wear.. MATTERS

Stay tuned for upcoming posts !! Can't wait to share … 


 wallpaper by  Cocorrina  *download on her website :)

wallpaper by Cocorrina *download on her website :)

Stay inspired.. Stay gold. Xx